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Tampere Smart City Week

"Grow Smarter in a Week!"

In October, the City of Tampere becomes a platform for the first ever, international Tampere Smart City Week. The ultimate goal for the week is to spark up cooperation between universities, businesses and citizens alike, and to enable the creation of new smart city solutions and business models that can be scaled to other cities in the world.

The week’s programme consists of several independent - yet, interlinked - events. During the week you will hear examples of new smart technologies and smart developments - if you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a robot or two!

But what does it really mean to be living in a smart city? How can we improve our living environment, as well as business and investment opportunities? The key, in our opinion, is the "three C's": Collaboration, Cooperation & Co-Creation, and that is what Tampere Smart City Week is all about!

The City of Tampere and its Smart Tampere programme are working in close cooperation with local universities, businesses and other organisations to bring you the most exciting, diverse and high-profile week one can only imagine!

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